Speaking videos

GLF | Unlocking Financing Solutions for Ecosystem Restoration (11/2022)

Ecosystem restoration is a key strategy for achieving a net zero future, providing opportunities for climate mitigation, adaptation, and sustainable economic development.

WeMeanBusiness at COP27 | Unleashing the Power of Business for a Regenerative Future (11/2022)

Business has a major role to play in addressing climate challenges and creating a regenerative economy - provided that business models evolve to seek not only economic success but also positive impact on people and planet.

Future Economy Forum | Regenerative Agriculture: Regenerative Value Creation (09/2022)

A conversation about the systemic potential of Regenerative Agriculture as a key solution for the climate crisis and the interconnected crises.

Soil Carbon Removal Think Tank | Mutitally Beneficial Carbon Credits (06/2022)

Climate Farmers Webinar - Soil Carbon Removal Think Tank #4: Mutually Beneficial Carbon Credits: Opening up the Dialogue Between Companies & Land Stewards

Xpedition to the Source #7 | The Interdependence of BCorps (04/2022)

What does it mean to be a B Corp? How can business be used as a force for good? How can companies learn from each other and help one another?

TEDx Thought For Food | Food is the Climate! (11/2021)

TEDx 'A new mindset for regenerative business'... my call to action and invitation to all (food) innovators to join me in innovating and experimenting our way towards a regenerative food future.

NYT Climate Hub at COP26 | CBI live: Is shopping sustainably an oxymoron (11/2021)

Watch this exclusive COP26 broadcast series in partnership with The New York Times, the CBI will bring the conversations happening in company boardrooms into people's homes.

"Generation Food" - a new documentary film screened at the TFF 2021 Summit (10/2021)

Watch “Generation Food” – a new TFF-produced documentary film screened at the TFF Summit 2021, a mainstage event at the UN FAO’s World Food Forum and in support of the UN Food Systems Summit.

The Nature for Life Hub 2021 | Transforming Production, From the Ground Up (10/2021)

Felipe Villela, Emma Chow and I discuss how agrobiodiversity, regenerative agriculture, agroforestry and indigenous food systems relate to a Circular Economy for Food (starting at 1:33:40).

How do we shift the intent of the food we design? The Circular Economy Show (09/2021)

A clip from the Circular Economy Show capturing my conversation with Emma Chow as we talk about how we are shifting towards the circular economy by applying circular design for food.

The big food redesign: Circular economy on the menu (09/2021)

The full episode of the Circular Economy Show in which you will discover the perspective of the chef, the farmer, the retailer, the NGO and my perspective on "The big food redesign"... towards nature positive food.

WCEF '21: Biodiversity as a Circular business opportunity (09/2021)

A conversation on the role of business on restoring biodiversity, the challenges and the opportunities, how to measure impact and how to work with the financial system.

"Uncluttering Food and Agriculture" web series with Deepak Pareek (06/2021)

A discussing on "Circular Economy vs Linear Economy", "System Thinking in Agriculture and Food Sector", "Impact of Technology on Agriculture Ecosystem", and "Regenerative Agriculture".

EMF: Design Leaders: what does circular design mean to them? (05/2021)

A quick intervention to share how Designing for a Circular Economy for Food requires a shift in mindset and intention and new tool to empower the people that design our food every day.

CE of Food Challenge 2021 Launch (04/2021)

A conversation with Christine Gould from Thought For Food to discuss the Circular Economy of Food and launch the 2021 joined Challenge.

Circular Economy of Food I TFF 2020 (10/2020)

Painting the picture of a Circular Economy of Food through next-gen innovators that are embodying the key principles.

EIT FAN Demo Day (10/2020)

An inspirational talk on working 'Towards a Circular Food System'

AI4Good: AI for the Future of Food (07/2020)

A call for projects for the 2020 AI for Good Global Summit presented with my fellow Brain Trust members

AI4Good: The Future of Food, AI + Food (05/2020)

A panel discussion digging into the issues around the food system and food security exploring how AI is and will be shaping the future of food

KIAF 2020 (05/2020)

An inspirational talk focused a systems level approach to working 'Towards a Circular Economy in Business Practices and Education' for ABIS's annual Knowledge Into Action Forum (KIAF)

GreenBiz interview (07/2019)

Interview with John Davies about the Circular Economy of Food at the inaugural Circularity 2019

GreenBiz webcast (01/2019)

Circular Economy: The State of the Market. A one-hour webcast with GreenBiz's Lauren Phipps, on key trends and metrics in the circular economy.

IDEO CoLab for Circularity in Food (09/2018)

A short promo video from the inaugural IDEO CoLab for Circularity in Food